Betting has been an easy source entertainment and side income for numerous people across the world. The action of betting dates back to the Chinese civilization where betting houses became popular. Also known as gambling, these were done on animal fights, board and lotto related games. It involves placing a wager (usually money) on an uncertain event with a motive to reap more than the placed wager. Today, sports betting have become a new trend in the recent times with a variety of online avenues to choose from.


Sports betting involve placing various wagers mostly in kind of money or points on the odds of winning a sport. There are several merits to this- it includes extending viewership of a particular sports, it can bolster loyalty towards a sportsperson or a team, provides a platform for likeminded people and a great opportunity to make money. In recent times, online betting has garnered wide momentum with more channels allowing safe and legal betting. To add to the benefits, it has reduced the cost of the inconveniences relating to travel to a casino and has made it easy to learn new sports and allows for easy income at the comfort of home.


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Reliable betting sites like bet365 which is the official bet365 website provide ample opportunities for safe gambling, providing even incentives and offers for signing up. The site can also be accessed through a bet365 app which is the official app for bet365 download. It offers a wide variety of sports from football, cricket, cycling to even darts. Recently, for the Hungary vs England football world cup qualification fixture, bet365 apk offers up to 100 Pounds for new customers. Companies like this enable users from various countries to participate owing to their widespread geographical footprint. Though, Bet365 is a UK based company, it can be found in several countries like India, Greece and Africa etc. In the US online or mobile betting is still a grey area and while bet365 has access to casinos and licensed physical gambling arenas, license for the online app is yet to be granted.


Owing to its success in Europe and now in other countries, bet 365 hopes to replicate the model in the US. In this light, bet365 online was one of the large players applying for a mobile betting license at the New York Gaming Commission. With a view of being in it for the long term, bet365 is already present in New Jersey owing to its successful partnership with Hard Rock. In New York, access has been granted more from a physical casino point of view wherein bet365 has partnered with Empire Resorts, likewise in Colorado the company has partnered with Century Resorts. With a means of providing income especially in the pandemic, bet365 has certainly built a profitable empire with the betting industries revenue gaining traction and rising over 30% in the last year and more players and gambling enthusiasts entering the market to make a quick buck.