How to Play Sports Betting on BC.GAME

The combination of sports betting and gambling can be an exciting experience, especially when your bet follows through. There’s something about sports that makes it so engaging to watch – add to that the perks that come with betting, and you get sucked into an immersive betting experience unlike any other. This is usually the same with casino games, with punters across the globe playing their favorites at some of the crypto casinos in hopes of winning great payouts.

However, sports betting is an equally lucrative niche and something that attracts millions of punters around the world. BC.GAME has recently expanded its platform, now entering the marvelous world of sports betting. With its four years of operation, the Crypto Casino of the Year has already cemented a name for itself in terms of crypto gaming, housing a wide assortment of games that flaunt stunning visuals and graphics.

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Sports betting is something that BC.GAME has recently integrated into its platform. It currently has markets for popular sports like badminton, tennis, cricket, football, and more. Players and punters alike can also take advantage of betting for esports with familiar titles like League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Rocket League, or NBA2K.

If you’re new to sports betting, it helps to say that the platform’s interface is fairly easy to use, so you can guarantee to get hold of things quickly as they come. When you click on the “Sports” tab, the page shows you the most recent and most important events or games right away, along with better odds. Besides, the live matches in BC.GAME also enables gamblers and bettors to weave their way through various events within a few clicks.


There are plenty of features and factors that make BC.GAME stand out from other websites. The emergence of its sportsbook and sports betting feature helps ramp up the platform’s functionality a notch, especially if you consider its great security features as well.

As with any crypto casino platform, you need to have an account before placing a wager on any sports match or game. Doing this usually takes at least five minutes or so. To create an account, visit BC.GAME’s home page and choose “Sign Up,” which is located on the top right of your screen. This opens a sign-up window where you’re asked to enter your email and login password. Once you have finished, click the Sign-Up button and collect the 5 BTC.

There’s also a captcha sequence that appears to verify that you’re human, and your account becomes active once you’ve completed this. Punters can deposit and benefit from BC.GAME’s first bonus deposit as well, granted that you manage to fulfill all its terms and conditions.


Now that your account is active, you’re now free to explore and place your wager on any sports match you prefer. You can find all the sports on the page with corresponding matched markets. Take note that each sports game has specific markets, except for sports with similar activity lines. Some of the most typical markets include the following:

  • Winners of the match – refers to the team that wins the match in terms of scores or total points
  • Goal or Point scorer – refers to which one among the team will manage to score a point/goal.
  • Double chance – you can click on this if a team either draws or wins, lose or draw or for either team to be the winner.
  • Handicap bet – this is typical when one of the two teams tends to be stronger than the other. The weaker team has a point or goal on their tally, whereas the stronger team should surpass to crowned victors.
  • Total points or goals scored – this is a wide bet, with smaller wagers including total points or goals, as well as goals per team and the top scorer.